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A collection of online resources to aid you

Take Me To Truth:  Our nonprofit Take Me To Truth website contains lots of in-depth articles, information and updates about weekly tele-classes, Power of Power ~ Know ThySelf retreats, phone mentoring opportunities and more.

Subscribe to the Take Me To Truth Newsletter: Stay on top of our latest news and event schedules.

Take Me to Truth Facebook Support Group: A great place to get Nouk’s latest postings, with opportunities for group discussion.

Stacy Sully: Learn about the importance of the embodiment process, and book one-to-one embodiment phone sessions here for deeply transformative healing.

FountainLight (a nontraditional breathing practice): A gentle yet powerfully effective method for incorporating embodiment into a daily spiritual practice.

John Mark Stroud: John Mark awoke to the perfect presence of Limitless Love. He is now moved to share the truth of the ever-present Love of God, by extending Christ Consciousness through One Who Wakes.

Lisa Natoli: Lisa offers a phenomenally helpful free 40-Day Transformation/Commitment to God Online Program twice a year, based in A Course in Miracles. Reserve your spot!

Carrie Triffet: Carrie holds the sacred intent to live out from Christed Awareness, but comes at the process from a lighter, quirkier perspective.

Rev. Myron Jones: Myron Jones’ Studies of ACIM are extremely helpful and insightful. Join her Facebook and Yahoo groups for interactive study of the Course’s text, daily lessons and Manual for Teachers:
On Facebook:
ACIM Study of the Text
ACIM Study of the Daily Lessons
ACIM Study of the Manual for Teachers
On Yahoo:
ACIM Daily Lessons

Pathways of Light: This organization is a really fine resource for students of A Course in Miracles.

You can also subscribe to their very helpful – Free e-magazine