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The End of Death will pry open the deepest, most sacred hidden idol cherished by the ego thought system, exposing our greatest and most powerful unconscious motivator for separation and suffering since the beginning of time. Death is this secret motivator, and our unconscious attraction to it runs extremely deep.This book, The End of Death, presents a radically new understanding of the life-changing teachings gifted us through A Course in Miracles. The Course is an unparalleled, multi-dimensional spiritual teaching. In The End of Death, the holographic and immensely powerful message of the Course is clearly decoded for all to see and experience firsthand. The explanations and exercises found within this book invite the reader to experience profound transformation, heralding a complete reality-reversal from a life of fear to one of exuberant Love and joy.
The End of Death by author Nouk Sanchez

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Nouk is the author of bestsellers, The End of Death and Take Me to Truth which are based on the deeper teachings of A Course in Miracles. Nouk spent twenty years studying and living this pathway. Then in January of 2011, she experienced a breakdown that provoked a major breakthrough, which triggered a profound shift in her awareness. Since then she has received a series of divine transmissions that reveal the literal power of miracles. She is devoted to help bring these miraculous teachings out from the intellectual sphere of understanding and into the practical realm of literal miracle-working.

Take Me to Truth ( Undoing the Ego )

Nouk co-authored a hugely popular best-selling book, Take Me to Truth; Undoing the Ego in 2007 with Tomas Vieira.
Take Me to Truth was written as an introduction to the principles of A Course in Miracles. It is a practical book that describes in-depth the ego thought system. It is also the first book to expand in detail the Course’s section on The Development of Trust (Manual for Teachers), which describes the typical stages one might experience on the path of undoing the ego. Together with that broader explanation of the six stages of the development of trust, a large portion of the book is dedicated to Holy Relationships—the healing of relationships, through transformation from the conditional, special relationship to the unconditional, miraculous Unified Relationship, or Holy Relationship.
Take Me To Truth