The Miracle of Death and Resurrection

"... miracles appearing everywhere, and they are the most natural thing in the world."

During the winter of 2012-2013, I listened, as my brother, Mick, was slipping into the deep abyss of depression. A place I knew well as I had spent much time in my own personal black hole, but was now gracefully emerging from, by following the deeper teachings of ACIM by Nouk and Tomas. Mick had been following a different path for many years, but we were both looking for the same thing…sustained happiness. I invited him to attend a Know Thyself Retreat with me in Santa Fe, with Nouk, Stacy and Sparo, in May 2013. He was intrigued with what I had begun to embody. On the third morning, Mick asked Nouk to explain the difference between a metaphorical and a literal miracle.

When she finished, he said: Well, I want to experience a literal miracle. He put his head back and began to snore and at first I thought he was being his usual smart-ass self, and making fun of her. It became apparent quite quickly that this was something much more serious. Several participants immediately began CPR, until the para-medics arrived. Mick then died. I was holding onto his leg and fell into a deep deep grief as my thoughts went to his beautiful wife, Nicole, and 6 children.

One of the participants came and led me to a group. She insisted I join in the Atonement with her. As I did, I began to notice that the entire room was doing the Atonement, led by Nouk. My entire world completely altered as I left my thinking/ego mind, and entered the Christ Mind. Twenty-five minutes after his death, Mick resurrected. It was at that point that I realized that my “grieving thoughts” were actually hurting my brother. I have never had one since.

It has now been 10 months since that time. Mick has returned, somewhat, with no memory of the past. He has had to be retrained to know his family, walk, read, etc. He lives in the now moment only, and continues re-training as an out patient in Switzerland, three times a week. Our Mom, Ellie, visited him in November and was hugely impacted by the love that he has become. There is no trace of all the old bitterness, prejudices, hatred that once consumed him.

I will visit him for two weeks in May. I am constantly guided to communicate with him, through State of Mind and part of the guidance is to be with him during the anniversary of his resurrection. I have no agenda for where this is all headed, and that is a very freeing way to live. My only job is to Love Mick. I have also been witness to the healing miracles of Fawna, Calico and one other cancer participant at the Retreats. It says somewhere in ACIM (and I am paraphrasing) that if miracles are not occurring, something is amiss. That is true, and Nouk is correct, it is literal. And that is now what it feels like, miracles appearing everywhere, and they are the most natural thing in the world.

Thank you.

I love you.

Sally MacKenzie Dubel