A miracle of unshakable peace…

"The application as Nouk teaches works, the embodiment is a gift I would wish on you all."

In 2012, after months of ‘cold’ symptoms, doctors visits and one after another alternative treatments I was finally diagnosed with a full sinus of cancer. The entire sinus cavity was filled, so much so that it had broken through the roof of my mouth and was coming out of my nose (this visual was the point when I demanded someone to look at this). I was diagnosed on a Thursday and after some cursing one of my first emails was to Nouk Sanchez.

I had been studying the course for years and had had the joy of meeting Nouk and Tomas after loving “Take Me To Truth”. Little did I know that when I emailed Nouk she was in the midst of writing this book and I would have access to this leading edge information. You might think, why did you not apply Course principals right from the beginning? Believe me, I did, but there were misinterpretations, some distortions that my work with Nouk and Stacy cleared up.

The Friday after diagnosis I had a phone session of embodiment with Stacy, this was good Friday 2012. (full story in my blog http://www.fawnabews.blogspot.ca) On Easter Sunday my sister in law said “You look better and the tumour looks smaller” I was glad she said so, I thought so too. What I saw in my session with Stacy and in the questions and principals that I heard from Nouk was an unconscious death wish- a type of “What the hell am I doing here and how do I get out?”.

I continued using these principals throughout chemotherapy and radiation- applying the atonement prayer and other tools with one miracle after another. I know that my mind was healed in that embodiment session, I continued with treatments, as I am developing faith in the truth of my safety, with the same concept of ‘effects can’t have effects’. After my first chemo I didn’t have side effects, I got better and stronger with each treatment, contrary to what others had experienced. These outer signs were exciting but the Miracle was in the Peace that I had throughout, a stable peace that was not shaken by treatment/no treatment, in hospital or out, etc.

After 3 chemotherapy sessions (6 were initially suggested) I was cancer free. As life has moved forward there have been some serious life changes, but the steady peace remains, a happiness that is not dependent on ‘outside’ sources. I use the atonement prayer when this wobbles and I am aware of the righting of my mind. The application as Nouk teaches works, the embodiment is a gift I would wish on you all. Thank You Nouk and Stacy, Tomas and Sparo for bringing this forward and Carrie and Steve for helping to bring Heaven to Earth.