For Ever and Eternally Grateful!

" I am making plans with God… I Get the Power of ACIM."

It would be impossible to talk of the Miracles that have erupted from my relationship to Nouk Sanchez and her teachings, related in ‘The End of Death’….My first meeting of Nouk was at one of her retreats in 2012. Up until that point my studies in ACIM had been all metaphorical… This is Not What Nouk was Teaching and WHAT A BLESSING THAT WAS!!!! At the time I was in a foreclosure that I was able to address literally. I forgave Chase Manhatten Bank my self and Everything else involved with it, because I CREATED the LESSON….

So By the time I was on a roll to accept all ‘out there’ as My Creation…. I was diagnosed with Stage IV, Grade 3, Ovarian Cancer that had metastasized… Nouk became a constant Phone Friend. Now this was back when Nouk was available by phone and email… this is no longer possible… So I suggest as I am also doing at this point… find Folks that are Studying ACIM as LITERAL… There are many Teachers out there at this point (Lisa Natoli, David Hoffmeister, Jayem for examples).

Any way, back to ‘the story’, I Heard Her WORDS. It Landed as TRUTH. And I had no idea of how to go about it…. I remember early on mentioning to a Hospice nurse…. “I cannot die from cancer… I am Clear about the logistics…. And I haven’t a Clue how to go about it.!!!”… I remember thinking at the time… “I sound absolutely, positively Insane!”…. And Nouk would hold my hand through “scrambled egg brain land”… I read ALL her posts from her blog from “The End of Dying”. I might point out that each needs to really be gone over several times, as they fluff up as you LEARN, I call this Holographic Writing… and slowly, slowly… things started to change. I ‘graduated hospice’ in November of 2013. I went from ‘loosing days to a death like sleep, waking to massive fear of what day it was….” To now walking 2 miles, 5 times a week, and putting money into some expensive dental stuff I was needing and not going to get while in a ‘dying conversation’…. I am making plans with God… I Get the Power of ACIM.

And my first 18 years of studying it did not even scratch the surface… I was doing the Metaphorical version… I am Now Only Playing the Game of Literal God and Literal Miracles. I Thank God for Nouk’s Clarity to put this Message on Paper and My Willingness to Receive it… Thank You Noukie… For Ever and Eternally Grateful!!!

Calico Hickey